Our Services

We are a Workers’ Comp. Injury Doctors with the goal of providing excellent service to our patient. We strive to help injured employees get back to work quickly, easing the financial hardships of both employees and employers while still caring for the patient in the appropriate manner.

Our clinic are staffed by physicians and other healthcare professionals experienced in treating occupational injuries, and offer varied hours at convenient location with care that is prompt, Free Post Accident Analysis and same day appointment.

We provide patients with individual attention and comprehensive follow-up treatment, while communicating with employers and tracking injuries through the entire workers’ compensation process.

We treat workers’ comp injuries with effective pain management therapies that may include:

All Injuries Welcome

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) for worker’s compensation claims, Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, Massage therapy, Spinal decompression therapy, Work hardening and Medication, as needed.

Other pain treatments designed to minimize acute or chronic pain, such as: Ultrasound therapy, Occupational therapy and Rehabilitation therapy.


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